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Best Online Journal for Keeping Online Notes in 2021


Best Online Journal- The concept of Journaling is old. Remember those days when people used Pen and paper (rather a notebook or diary) to write down their experiences, feelings, and emotions that they came across the entire day, or even the small conflicts they came across throughout the day. These small notebooks were one of the places even to hold the top secrets of their lives.

But with changing times, the concept of Journaling has also changed. With everything going digital, Journaling is not far behind it.

Accept or not; Journaling is a difficult task. It’s not easy to start writing suddenly on a blank page related to what you have done the entire day and how you felt about them. And here comes the importance of the journal apps for keeping online notes.

How to Select best online Journal


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You may still love Journaling with Pen and paper. But trust me, it’s an old concept now, and once you start journaling with the journaling apps, you will find it easier and handier. However, to get a good real-time experience, you need to find the best journaling app as per your requirement. Not all app is suitable for all bloggers. So, find out the features you must look into before you start using an online journal for keeping online notes.

Hassle-free entry

When you need to enter the journey frequently, then it’s obvious that there should be a hassle-free entry option in the journal. Preferably, it should have a one-click entry to space where you need to put the text or images.

Enjoyable interface

When you are spending a good time jotting down all your feelings, emotions, adventures of the day, then the app must have a soothing interface to make you chill while writing something instead of giving stress with its color combination.


Do you love Journaling but often forget to enter stuff in it due to any reason? Don’t worry; some apps will remind you that you don’t forget to do the entries on time.


Just in case you want to shift to another journaling app or platform, the app you are currently using should have an option to export everything old into PDF or RTF or any other format so that previous info is not lost.


This feature is a significant one as you don’t need to update your app every often, no matter what device you are using.


Some journaling apps can fulfill all your requirements, but the price is also a factor to consider while choosing the best online journal for keeping online notes. So, you need to find out the perfect app that suits all your requirements along with a good price tag.

Our List for best online Journal

  1. Penzu- Best Private Journaling App
  2. ai- Best Multi-Dimensional and Storytelling Journaling App
  3. Momento- Best Social Media Content Accumulating Journaling App
  4. Journey- Best geotagging journaling app
  5. Day one- Best one-click journaling app with templates
  6. Goodnight Journal- Best Mental health tracking Journaling app
  7. Five Minute journal- Best Journaling app for the beginners
  8. Diarium- Best Journaling app for Windows 10
  9. Foodility- Best Food Journaling app
  10. me- Best email-based Journaling app
  1. Penzu

  • Why? Best Private Journaling App
  • Price – basic free else 20$
  • Recommended-  Yes
  • Where- (


With Penzu, you can have stress-free Journaling by using a similar interface like WordPress. It’s highly secure, and no one can see your entries without your permission. You will get a 128-bit encryption option to keep your journal private with auto-lock.


  • Why? Best Multi-Dimensional and Storytelling Journaling App
  • Price – basic free else 8$
  • Recommended-  Yes
  • Where- ( is the smartest online journal that not only lets you add notes and activities but has options to add videos and other links for your references. This app has features like auto-formatting, document templates, and document themes.

  1. Momento- Best Social Media Content Accumulating Journaling App


Momento app helps pull all social media pages into a single platform and create your journal or blog. You can write text-rich content through this app, add some location tags, or generate some other tags.

  1. Journey- Best geotagging journaling app


This app is one of the best for android users. You can use this app with geotags, track weather, add a wide range of activities in a single post. The premium version is awesome that offers some customizable aesthetic features. You can have a fingerprint or passcode security to protect your secrets or ideas.

  1. Day one- Best one-click journaling app with templates

day one

Using this journal app, you can create the entries with just one click from the menu bar, use different amazing templates, automatically add location, music that you are playing currently, step count, upload posts and images. Not to forget, this app encrypts your journal with a password.

  1. Goodnight Journal- Best Mental health tracking Journaling app

If you want the best user-friendly journal app, goodnight journal is the best option to make your journaling experience simple and enjoyable.  Good night journal has a free mental health checker to track your mental health and other regular features.

  1. Five Minute journal- Best Journaling app for the beginners

Best for jotting down all points instantly, this app takes just 5-minutes of your time to answer all questions about how you are feeling throughout the day.  This app is best for journal writers who want to keep their thoughts noted down instantly. It has features like prompting to write in the morning, encouraging better activities, and focusing on the things you should change.

  1. Diarium- Best Journaling app for Windows 10


Are you uncomfortable in writing? Then you can use diarium, as this app has a speech recognition feature where you can jot all your thoughts by dictation. Also, the diarium supports all types of media files. You can export all files in DOCX, PDF, RTF, etc., formats; it takes feeds from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and reminding you to note down everything once a day.

  1. Foodility- Best Food Journaling app

If you want to write about the food you had the entire day or a food blogger, then tracking your food data and images will be easy with the Foodility journaling app. Starting from entering the meals you are eating to recording your overall health status, uploading all info in PDF or .jpeg format, and customizable calendar dot colors- you get everything in this platform.

  1. Best email-based Journaling app is the best option for the people who spend loads of time in emailing and inbox. You can use this app as if writing an email to your friend. It gives prompts for writing emails, and you get options like search, calendar view, exporting data as TXT or JSON files.

Other online journal apps that we recommend

  1. Daybook
  2. Flexible journal
  3. Luci
  4. Universum
  5. Luna diary
  6. Life
  7. Gratitude
  8. Breeze
  9. Jour
  10. Notebook

Our Takeaway

Here in this article, we have discussed the top 10 best online journals for keeping online notes. Different journals have different features, different pros, and cons. So, instead of finding the one recommended by others, you can jot down all your requirements and select the best option for you.

This entire guide will help you to conclude on finding the best journal for online notes. Let us know which one suits you the best and any more that we missed describing.

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