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Best VPN in India | Our Best Choice For You in 2021


Best VPN services in India- VPN, the data encryption protocol is popular these days for safe browsing. Besides, there are few other reasons that make VPN popular among the massive population in India.

Connection via VPN means the creation of the tunnel between the target website and the computer. These VPN services provide access to the geo-blocked site so that you can get a secure network connection over the internet.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows the creation of a secured network connection to another network. With these services, you can gain access to even region-restricted websites. All the browsing activities will be hidden from prying eyes.

Why we need a VPN in India?

There are many reasons for using a VPN Service in India.

  • India has tight regulations on Internet access-From a long time, India is trying to block access to many websites. Some of these websites were illegal while some others were Immoral in some way or the other. Most of the pornographic sites in India have been banned.

For example, websites like Tamil Rockers,, Uploadsat, are banned till date. Moreover, on some websites, there are temporary bans implemented without any warning. Content blocking is still continuing in India with a social networking site like Facebook receiving numerous requests from India to block content.

Some legal websites that promote content related to criticism of the government, political opposition, LGBT issues, and satire have been banned. So, to break this ban the VPN works wonders.

  • The surveillance activities of the government are legal-The The Government of India has presently allowed around 10 Federal Agencies to intercept and monitor the information. What’s more essential to be noted is that these agents not only monitor and intercept but also decrypt the information. Though these agencies are authorized for maintaining national security, they keep a keen eye towards the tax investigation and financial crime.To access the whole of the internet, the VPNs are essential.
  • There is the presence of dubious legalization regarding the streaming of media content in India-Media streaming and copyright file sharing is a bit restricted in India. Although it is legal to technically stream the content, some of the websites offering these contents are banned. Some VPNs have the capability to break that obstacle as well.
  • ISPs in India are responsible for blocking proxies-According to Reddit users, Reliance Jio has been blocking some proxy websites. As we all know that proxies have been helping users to surf the internet without geolocation restrictions, they are finding a huge problem after. They have banned some sites that allow the download of VPN software as well.

I am sure you are now aware as to why VPN usage is a must in India.

So, here is a list of its advantages.

Advantages offered:

In this competitive world, it is essential to find the right software that can be customized with numerous features. Each of these features can be extensively useful with the boosted core functionality. There are numerous advantages offered by the secured VPNs.

  • Secure messaging

Some social networking websites do not provide end to end encryption. So there’s a possibility that some of these messages get leaked. When a user uses the high-end VPN provider, it ensures that there is a high level of security with the encryption and login sessions are kept private.

  • VoIP

The revolutionary advanced digital voice Communications can be analyzed in bulk. Moreover, these are encrypted by the VPN services that do not pose any kind of threat.

  • Avoidance of government censorship

In countries like India, since the internet is highly censored by the government, it puts a massive obstacle in the path of online users. So if you are travelling to any such strict country, there is a chance that you will be subject to online censorship. In that case, a VPN provider will give you the flexibility to freely browse the website from any part of the world.The VPNs are customised in the manner that you can use them easily

  • Online gaming

Another advantage of the online VPN is that you will get the ability to play any online game with anonymity. It overcomes the geo-blocking restrictions and speeds up the connection. With the help of the faster giving server, you can play the games effortlessly.

  • Public wifi stays secured

The free Wi-Fi becomes an essential commodity in our day to day life. However, the use of public Wi-Fi can bring numerous hazards to itself.

To overcome the problems of the fake Wi-Fi connections and infected Malware you can make use of the modern encrypted protocol of a VPN that will ensure that your network remains free from attacks.

  • Assists in bypassing restrictions

Businesses can now flourish by tracking the customers effortlessly. The VPN Service location stays active to give you the benefits of tracing the real-world location. Besides, you will also get access to the full internet that doesn’t remain filtered. Getting access to the Internet without any reasonable restrictions is a benefit. So, now research with flexibility without revealing the IP address.

  • Privacy is a top benefit

You will get complete privacy with the VPN services that do not come with the potential attacks on behalf of hackers. Moreover, the encryption is robust with maximum privacy.

  • Effective DNS leak protection

It helps with privacy and security. Besides, you will also get mitigation against the web RTC leaks.Though the regular VPN connections get easily blocked with the simple firewall. The advanced Obfuscation technology VPNs can provide effective service.

  • Strong encryption

IP leaks work in the form of the danger to privacy. While you are using a VPN there’s a risk of the third party to break the encryption. So it is essential to choose a good baby that uses strong encryption.Kill switch feature enables the prevention of the IP address from becoming exposed even in the case of the BP in dropout.

  • Unblocked Netflix

It enables streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and some others. This plays a huge role in blocking the VPN. So, a service must take special measures for breaking the blockage.

  • Speed

A high-quality VPN server ensures that it has a fast connection when compared to others. These VPNs are tested on a regular basis.

The top-notch VPNs in India

Some VPNs remove the Internet restrictions in India. But there are only some exceptional ones that have strong security and privacy aspects. They also provide a reliable network of servers for excellent streaming speed and download. Let’s have a look.


NordVPN world with flexibility on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS. It has lots of features. The pricing tag is $3.49 – $11.95. The most vivid part is that it can work on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Player, and Hulu.


  • Easy to use software with fantastic security features
  • Consistent fast servers
  • The VPN is inclusive of a killswitch, Double-Hop encryption, DNS leak protection, VPN into Tor, as well as obfuscated servers
  • Provides users with watertight OpenVPN encryption
  • Zero logs policy for privacy on behalf of ISP and the government.
  • Data remains safe from hackers on public WiFi.
  • The servers are located in 60 countries, at lightning-fast speeds
  • Unblocks everything from Netflix as well as iPlayer
  • The interface works exceptionally well for gaming and data-intensive tasks
  • Lets you install the software on many simultaneous devices
  • Apps applicable for all platforms besides Windows
  • Applicable at bargain price starting at $2.99 per month
  • Test run applicable for 30-day with the service for the money-back guarantee.


  • It is an exceptional platform for torrenting and streaming
  • The high degree of anonymity
  • Free from vessels of logs and cryptocurrency payments
  • High-grade encryption standards along with the protection for DNS leaks
  • Speeds become fast enough especially for HD streaming
  • Purpose-specific servers
  • Applications available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android


  • It only selects a server location that is close to the city level.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost, the VPN that works fantastically well for Windows, combines ease of use guided by excellent security. The price range is moderate, i.e., $2.75 – $12.99. The interface is available on Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and macOS. Moreover, it works with flexibility when it comes to Netflix, Hulu, and iPlayer.


  • Outstanding services that are dedicated to providing privacy and security
  • With the Windows app, users will get the necessary VPN features starting from digital privacy
  • Privacy is applicable on behalf of the ISP and the government.
  • An IP address isn’t available for tracking by websites.
  • OpenVPN encryption with high standards. So, the user doesn’t need to worry about being cracked.
  • A zero-logs policy that doesn’t let it disclose habits to the authorities
  • Servers are applicable in 60 countries with excellent speeds
  • DNS leak protection is available on this VPN with the killswitch.
  • Permits 10 connections simultaneously
  • 45-day free trial with a money-back guarantee.


  • Budget-priced with impressive speeds for streaming
  • Strong encryption along with solid privacy policy
  • Easily unblocks content that is geo-restricted
  • Kill switch and does keep logs on all applications
  • Easy to install apps. Besides, it’s user-friendly and perfect for beginners


  • Major streaming sites cannot be unblocked with this interface.


The all-round VPN falls under an affordable rate of $6.67 – $12.95. This interface is applicable to Android, Windows, iOS, macOS and Linux. It works well with iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


  • Software is easy to use with integrated features including a kill switch.
  • Other features are DNS leak protection, auto-connect, port selection, and obfuscated servers.
  • Zero logs policy makes it applicable to be trusted with data
  • OpenVPN encryption for exceedingly high standards
  • Protects data both at home and public even when you are using a WiFi network
  • Though expensive, it is the fastest VPN that provides unblocking capabilities in 94 countries
  • Test run applicable with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat support.


  • Reasonably priced with numerous benefits
  • High-end encryption, security, and privacy
  • No traffic logs comprising of personal data


  • Permits only 3 connections at a time
  • Not much configurable
  • Quite a hefty purchase for some people


The VPN that falls under $2.71 – $12.95 proving scheme works fantastic on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. The interface works with iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.


  • VyprVPN has a solid no logs policy
  • Fully audited that runs on a proprietary network of servers.
  • Works with excellent speeds.
  • Solid with a kill switch, stealth feature and DNS leak protection
  • Server location in over 70 countries,
  • The users can get access to the 3-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Accessibility to free and open internet
  • Use of the newest technology generates excessive benefits
  • Privacy and security accessible to all parts of the world
  • The VPN is transparent about products, practices, and services


  • High price doesn’t suit every customer’s need


This interface works flexibly on PC, IOS, Mac, Android, and Linux devices. The VPN service is growing with huge popularity because of user base and server locations. With its headquarters in Hong Kong, this site ensures that the protocols are strictly followed. It will never keep records of the sites people are visiting.


  • 128-bit encryption with secure DNS and VPN kill switch for the prevention of leakage of data. It will not let your identity go be exposed
  • Keep track of the time of login and the IP address
  • Plenty of customization options


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Strong encryption, alongside the feature of kill switch that ensures no storage of identifiable user data
  • Servers in India are easily operated. The tool is quite flexible for unblocking content even when you’re travelling abroad
  • Good streaming speeds


  • Getting connected takes a lot of time

Our recommendation and Winner of the list:

PureVPN is our winner. Get to know why…

This VPN has a simple interface with high speed. So, it reliably works to unblock the content in India. Besides, you will also get popular features.

We strongly recommend this VPN because right after choosing the subscription, you can get through the procedure of opening an account, entering the payment details with the welcome email activation code.

Besides, you can take help from the installation guide that is available on the application. It is mobile friendly with an attractive and incredibly stable layout. You can also choose the server location of your choice with the help of the single click based smart location feature. The feature enables automatic connection to the nearest server for fast protection. This security protocol will work smartly in order to enable the connection.

Moreover, navigating through the application is quite effortless where you can conduct the speed test, change the protocol for security according to your choice, and access the leak tunneling feature.

So, the overall verdict is that the VPN is quite fast simple, and effective. The tech-savvy crowd is currently looking for the configured interface with numerous app settings that work with a variety of protocols including leak tunneling and kill switch.


Can I get a VPN applicable for no payment?

Definitely! You will get a number of VPN that are available for free but the best idea is to opt for a VPN service that will be free from malicious content. The reputable VPN will give you premium quality service with impressive features. Even if you purchase a free VPN, it is recommended to upgrade and purchase the service.

Can I use VPN to unblock my Netflix?

It’s a well-known fact that Netflix is available everywhere. But sometimes it happens so that you will be required to access the regional catalogs to access everything from the Netflix library around the globe. At such times, it is recommended to make use of a VPN server.

Can I leave my VPN on throughout the day?

It is beneficial to sometimes switch off the service. If you think that security is your main concern, then you can leave the VPN running even when you are connected to the internet.

How can my VPN hide my IP address?

VPN works in the form of a proxy that becomes a bridge between the device and the internet. It makes use of the necessary protocols to essentially hide the IP address. If it doesn’t, it means that your VPN isn’t working properly.

Will the VPN slow down my connection?

According to the research, it is suggested that the VPN tends to slow down about 10 to 30% the speed. Sometimes, there is a chance of the internet being slowed down by 40 to 60% as well.


From the above article, it is clear that how the above-mentioned VPN services will be flexible enough for you to browse through the Internet without any restriction. So, purchase the right VPN according to your choice and harness the benefits.

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