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15 Blog Post Ideas For Your Not-So-Creative Days


If you want to be successful in content marketing, there is one thing that you need to be an expert at. And that is creating amazing content that makes people want to come back to your blog for more.

But like humans, your creativity might sometimes just snap at you and you might totally go blank with your ideas. The next thing you do is to sit in front of your computer with a blank stare hoping that some good content idea strikes you.

This happens to all of us and I am pretty sure, you are not an exception. You might find bits of advice, from experienced bloggers to check out blog generating tools for inspiration.

But honestly, I never personally find them helpful. If you have ever tried them you may realize how automated they sometimes appear to be.

In today’s post, therefore, I will tell you how you can open up your blocked mind when you have no idea what to write about for your next post. I have found most of these tips from my research from blog hopping on one of my not so creative days.


Blog post ideas


List Influencers In Your Niche

List posts are always in demand. And listing down the name of influencers in your niche is a great blog post idea for your next publish.

Once your post is up on the web, you can quickly notify all the influencers on your list with a short email. Chances are that some of them might respond to your gesture by sharing your post with his followers. After all everyone likes to be praised.

And that’s going to be a huge thing for your blog because you just got promoted for free and that too by an influencer.


Talk About The Resources You Use On Your Blog

Sometimes you can just talk about the resources that you use on your blog. Cover everything that you have used so far. All your plugins, the themes that you have tested and liked or disliked, your logo or anything else.

You might not know, but some of your readers might just love to know what’s happening behind the scene. Besides, when you have nothing in your mind that you can write about, simply talking about your resources can get you a  post long enough to be shared.


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Interview a Reader

This is another brilliant idea for your next post. Find out someone who you know is a regular reader of your posts. Get in touch with him/her and ask the person to answer your queries. This might be anything related to your blog or the reader’s experience about your blog.

You can also do it once in a month to keep your readers inspired to be more active on your blog. If it sounds like a cool thing and you get requests to publish more of such interviews I think it’s a great idea to continue with.

You can even have your defined criterions to pick the reader of the month. Maybe someone who actively takes part in discussions through commenting, or someone who regularly shares your post etc.


Talk About Your Profession

The next interesting idea is to talk about your profession. Write a very engaging post and tell your readers why you like it and what is it to be in your field. To add to its length you can go on telling people what your challenges are and how you meet them.


Talk About A Personal Experience

Talking about personal experience doesn’t mean you randomly talk about anything that’s happening in your life. Choose an event that is relevant to your field.

For example, if you are a blogger, you can talk about how you started blogging in general, or maybe how you earned your first income as a blogger, or what inspired you to start your blog, how you manage blogging while you are traveling, etc.

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Interview an Expert

This might need to be a lengthy process. But its a great idea for a post on your blog when you don’t know what to write.

Obviously, you will have to get in touch with the influencer and schedule a meeting or wait for him/her email answering your questionnaire. But interviewing an influencer is a brilliant post idea.

Like your influencer’s list, this interview might also get shared by your subject and you might instantly get thousands of readers reading your post.


Write About A Talk Or Conference You Recently Attended

Blog Post Ideas

Suppose you are a WordPress enthusiast and you write about resources, tutorials etc. You can write about the last WordPress camp that you went to or a conference where the local WP enthusiast gathered (and you were a part too).

Similarly, if you are a fashion blogger, and you recently attended a fashion show, it’s a great blog post idea to write something about the event. The event does not have to be very big. Any event that you were a part of is good enough to come up with an inspirational post.


 Check Your Competitor’s Blog

This one is another fantastic blog post idea to get inspired when you have a blank mind. Visit some of your competitor’s blogs and check out what they are publishing. You may find something that you have not yet blogged about.

If you do not want to hop around different blogs and want to do it on one platform, try checking tools like AllTop. Here you can find all the trending topics from different blogs on just a single screen.


Tips and Tricks

Readers love posts that give them ideas about quick fixes or secret tips and tricks that work wonders. And writing a Tips and Tricks post for your readers can be a good one to start your dry day.

The only thing you need to remember is that it should relate to your niche. So there is no point in writing how to fix your dead phone on a blog where you post about cooking.



People are fond of posts from where they can learn from. So write a post from which your readers can benefit. Tutorials are a brilliant way to make your readers have something that is educative and resourceful.


How Do You Schedule Your Work Week

Readers love visiting blogs that have a personal touch to it. Come up with a post where you talk about your work schedule. Tell them how you schedule your work week and how you meet your goals.

Make it even more detailed by adding how it is to manage with all the other work that you take care of.


What Is A Day Like In The Life Of A Blogger – Truth Vs Lie

Another way to add the personal touch to your blog is to write about the day in the life of a blogger. Probably you can write about the expectations you have and the reality that you face at the end of the day.

Make a comparison maybe. If you are a blogger who works from home, it is certain that there have been days when you ditched your schedule. Write about it.


Talk About Skills Needed In Your Career

It might sound vague, but there are people who still wonder how you have done what you are doing. Why don’t you come up with a post by telling them about it? Write a good one about the skills needed to do what you are doing. It is surely going to be a great post to publish.


Compare Your Blog With Your Competitors

Another brilliant idea to come up with a great post is to compare your blog to one of your competitors. Write how it differs from one another. You can also touch upon the strengths and weaknesses of each blog.

To make it a little more detailed touch on how you can improve yours and cover your competitors’ weaknesses too.



These are some of the blog post ideas that you can try out when your creative juices run dry and you have absolutely no idea what to write about. Add some catchy images and format your post to make it appealing to read.

I am sure you will come up with a nice engaging post all ready to be published and shared with your readers and followers. But if you are still not happy with these ideas, try going through some active social communities and online forums for inspiration. Two of my favorites are Quora and Medium.

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