Earn Money Online from Facebook

5 ways to earn money online from Facebook By Kanika | 2021 Updated


Earn Money Online from Facebook: You must be an avid Facebook user just like me. I spend all my time scrolling through the pages, memes, funny videos, people getting married, and whatnot. It surely was fascinating seeing all these pages and groups getting millions of likes, comments, views, and shares.

So, I thought maybe I should also do something similar. Fortunately, my interest is primarily on learning more about various technologies and everything associated with them. 

I instantly made a page where I started sharing videos, images, memes, and many more related to technology. But then the only question was how to make this page profitable once it reaches a genuine number of likes and people start liking the content.

You will not believe it, but I came across so many options on the way that answered my question on how to make money from Facebook. I will be more than glad to share everything that I had learned over the past years and have seen people earn hundreds and thousands of dollars through it.

Make sure to follow the methods and understand each one of them. 

5 Ways to Earn Money Online from Facebook

If you think this would be as easy as it sounds. Then you are mistaken. You will have to dedicate your time to this to get the best results no matter whichever method you choose.

Let’s get started before time runs out!! 

#1. Earn Money From Facebook Page Likes

Earn Money Online from Facebook

If you have a Facebook Page with a considerable number of likes such as 50k+ to start with, things are going to work out for the best. But if you are a newbie. Simply follow some steps to get started with things.

These steps are most likely to help you get started with your page, how you can generate more engagement, and ultimately the money-making process will follow.

1. Set up your Facebook Page

The fundamental thing you need to do is make a Facebook page. It is like a 5-minute work to do. The most important part here is to look for a perfect niche that would interest you the most and the one in which you would share the content with the people. 

It can be based on anything. For example, if you like a TV series such as FRIENDS, or a celebrity or any such thing for that matter. If you just want to spread laughter, you can make a page on funny memes, or a page where you can keep posting meaningful content based on technology, or food, etc. 

I surely went for technology, and the options to post content related to it are just incomparable. I can post about cars, gadgets, memes on technology, share other people’s videos, etc. You can do the same for the niche you have selected. Just choose a beautiful and meaningful name of the page you have made. 

Once you are done with this, now start inviting everyone from your friends list and ask them to like and follow your page and spread the word.

2. Posting Relevant and Meaningful Content

Whether you have a blog or a Facebook page, only one thing that can bring you traffic is by posting relevant content regularly. It is recommended to at least post one piece of content every day and keep sharing it with your friends.

Facebook recently has changed its algorithms where blog posts do not drive too much traffic. So, it will be a better option to start posting videos and especially memes. 

You cannot believe the amount of traffic you can get by doing this. Initially, a lot of people may not have visited your profile or shared it even. But once the content starts to make sense, it will attract more and more visitors.

3. Make Connections

It is essential to build connections with influencers or other people looking to promote their product. Well, once you have millions of followers and good engagement, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars by doing sponsored posts. 

You can earn good money by promoting products of various bands and writing about them on the page. Every brand or company wants to bring its product into the limelight, and having influencers promote these products is the best idea. 

I recently saw a Facebook Page where the owner reviews amazing cars and all its features. And they had been advertising about a giveaway where customers can get a Ferrari by winning an individual competition. This is how influencers are earning money through their Facebook Page. The only important thing is to create quality content being consistent.

4. Earn money by using Affiliate links on Facebook Page

You must be familiar with how the Affiliate links work and how it is created. If you are a newbie, feel free to check out the articles here where you can learn about how to earn money through these affiliate links on your blog.

I am assuming the fact that you are already aware of the Amazon Affiliate Program or others such as Clickbank, Aliexpress, Blue host, etc. You can post these links on your Facebook page by creating a post. Through these posts, you can recommend your followers to buy products that you had tried, for example through a video you can link your affiliate links.

There are specific policies associated with these affiliate programs. Make sure you do not advertise your links directly via Facebook Paid ads. It is against the affiliate program norms, and they may ban your account.

#2. Sell your Products to earn money Online from Facebook Marketplace

Online business has been at its peak for years now, and there is no better way to promote your product than Facebook. Almost every person has an account on Facebook, who spends more than 2-3 hours on an average every day. If you have a business or any service that you want to sell and reach more people, this is the platform that will bring you glory, especially for local companies and brands. 

I too have a family business where we sell readymade Jeans and shirts locally. We have recently made our Facebook page and post regularly on it about our brand and everything related to it. The reach has been incredible, and we have gotten many leads by just posting regular content.”

You can do it too!!

Just bring your brand online by listing your items on Facebook. It may take some time to get to the right audience, but it is a sure thing that you will get leads and might be able to sell your products all over the globe. 

To make the best use of this platform, you can directly list your products on the Marketplace, especially introduced by Facebook to buy and sell goods. It includes everything and anything you have been looking for, from real estate to gadgets people have listed a variety of things to sell and buy from this platform.

#3. Earn Money from Facebook Ads

Another way is to earn money through Facebook ads by starting a campaign. It is straightforward yet needs a proper understanding of how to start these ads to target the perfect customer. 

To start with making sure you have a Facebook page where you can begin this ad. List your product along with some content. And start an ad on it. Try to start with the minimum amount of money to understand how it works. Specify a small area and a specific genre of people for whom your service or product would be most beneficial. And set a time frame. 

There are certain things to consider while trying out this method:

  1. Earning Money through Facebook ads will need some good investment from your side. You will have to spend a considerable amount of money on better results. If you feel you do not have enough money for this, then you can step down. But do not expect to get the result by spending pennies.
  2. Also, if you are just starting up to understand how everything works, then you should not spend a considerable amount of money on the first run. Start your first campaign, and make sure to use only a small amount to see how it goes. You can do this multiple times to understand the entire workflow.
  3. If you are thinking of starting a brand awareness campaign, then it is not a good idea. The reason is straightforward. Your brand isn’t a significant name in the market, and people may not click on the sponsored post just for your name. But if you will advertise your product through these ads by targeting some specific audience, it will work well.

#4. Earn Money from Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook Page, then you need to know that to some extent, it is limited when interacting with the group members and their active participation. This is where a Facebook group comes into action. If you haven’t made one yet, it is time to do so sooner. This could be a big step if you are looking to earn money online from Facebook.

Why am I suggesting making a Facebook group?

The only reason behind this is a Facebook group that allows the followers or the member to participate in the thread actively, and it brings more engagement than what your page will altogether. Especially if you are looking to sell your product or create more awareness about it, you can easily create a group based on your interest. And start posting engaging content that will interest your followers. 

“The secret to making your group profitable is providing regular and quality content every day.”

To make sure you are on the right track by building a Facebook group, keep these things in check at all times:

  1. Select a niche for your group that interests you or the people you are targeting who would love to know more about a particular thing. I have seen multiple groups based on startup communities, places that you belong to, food, travel, books, technology-based, buy/sell group, etc. 
  2. Now, you need to set certain norms and guidelines for group members so that your group is not spammed now and then. People tend to start posting irrelevant content and fill up the group with it. It needs to be in check at all times. This is why you should take up volunteers who could be the moderators and help curate the group. 
  3. Once you have thousands of members in the group, you can either pin your post on the top where every member can look at it or just general posts. These posts can be links to your affiliate products, or anything that you have been selling or reselling, etc. It works like a charm.
  4. You can also allow other members to post about their products and brands occasionally so that you can gain more connections and build trust among everyone. If you have learned a lot of engagements, other brands or sellers may wish to provide you with money to advertise their products. 

Multiple ways can help you generate income from your Facebook group. You can even generate traffic for your blog by posting links to it in the group and encourage people to click and share likewise.

#5. Make Money from Facebook Marketing


Make money online from Facebook Marketplace

As a freelancer, I had learned a lot about how social media marketing impacts your brands, and the content helps to reach more people. If you have analyzed Facebook for a very long time and know the ins and outs of it, then you are in great luck.

Not everyone can excel in handling Facebook pages and groups, but since you have already learned it throughout time, you can help other startups or brands. This is what a freelancer would be assigned. It includes handling Facebook pages, groups, and posting relevant content every day to create more engagement. 

Let’s see how this can help you earn money:

  1. You can become the concerned person’s Facebook ad manager. Sounds weird? It isn’t actually. People are looking for some assistance as this is not everyone’s forte. It does take time to learn all of this which people can skip by hiring freelancers for this.
  2. A primary task is to post regular content on Facebook groups and pages and bring more engagement likewise. If you have a basic knowledge of designing any poster or anything, then you are in for a treat. You can check out Canva to create free images. People about $20-$50 to freelancer who can manage the group and pages for them.

So, while you have been using Facebook scrolling and wasting time, you can generate your meaningful content and earn money on the go.

The best way to look for such jobs or work would be through freelancing sites. They have numerous high-paying work that goes on for the long term, which added benefit for timely pay and flexible hours.

#6. Bonus Method: Earn Money online from Facebook Video Optimization

Facebook has recently taken things up a notch by helping people to reach more audiences by optimizing the videos that you post online from your group or Facebook pages. You can put the title, tag relevant information about the video,  etc. which the app will prompt you so that you have everything ticked off to do.

Earn Money Online from Facebook Video

You will be surprised to know the amount of engagement you can generate from good content videos that your viewers will love to watch. Just pick the right kind of video and post it on your page. Well if you are willing to post videos that you have created based on entertainment, unboxing, technology reviews, etc. It is more likely to generate views of any random ones.

But if you are looking to post random videos over the web, you need to edit it first and give proper credits to the person concerned.

I had once posted a video on my Facebook page that was about Drone technology which gained over 25k+ likes and much more engagement than usual posts. It was incredible to witness this since I did not spend a penny.

For more information and to learn about Facebook Video Marketing Strategy, click on this free course.

There is another way by which you can earn money online from Facebook videos by advertising your product or brand as ads in between the Facebook videos. You can see it most often since videos are trending no matter the niche. And within every video, ads are placed through which you get more leads and engagement.

Before we take off!!

All of the methods are very well tried and tested. I won’t call myself a Digital Guru who earns millions of dollars through this. 

But I had my share of observation and learning which I am forwarding to you readers. If you are willing to give your best, then you are going to get a result. There is nothing as to which method is more natural or which will take time.

Since you are just starting up, everything will take a little time for you to get used to it.

Always remember, “Patience is the key to better results.”

This is rightly proven while using Facebook as a medium for money-making. There will be hundreds of gurus and professionals giving you much better tips on this, but I am here to share my part of the journey where I am working on these things every day and will keep you updated if anything comes up which may benefit you.

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