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9 Practical Ways To Get Paid For Writing Anything Online(Without Self-Publishing)


Get Paid For Writing– One of the most common queries that I get asked is – ‘How Do I earn money writing when I do not have a blog?’

There are hundreds and thousands of content on the internet that talk about earning money through blogging and freelancing. But what if you do not have a blog and you don’t know where else to find writing gigs that pay.

This post will tell you how exactly to get paid by writing anything online without self-publishing.

Get Paid For Writing Anything Online

But first, let me warn you, ‘you are not alone in this field’, ‘the competition here is not merciful’ and ‘your patience will be tested.’ Having said that, let’s dive into the paths of earning money by scratching your head and penning your thoughts.

Be a Story writer on Penpee and Get Paid Instantly

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Penpee is a wonderful platform where you can read stories posted by other writers and get paid for writing your own stories.

The platform hosts a bunch of creative writers and lets you discover original and captivating pieces of writings from a highly talented bunch of writers from across the world. The best thing is that you can be a part of it as well, by contributing your own work of art.

When you sign up with Penpee, you are awarded some credits. You can use these points to read stories posted by other writers.

When you write a story and publish it on Penpee, you earn credits,
every time your work is read by a visitor. Now, what can you do with these credits?

These are not just credit points but real cash. So you can get them converted into cash directly to your bank account via PayPal. This feature is available in more than 35 countries.

That’s not all, your writing will be fine-tuned by editors of Penpee before being published. This acts as a major booster for a rookie writer who gets an alternative approach on the piece almost immediately.

With Penpee you get a platform to showcase your work and earn some extra money at the same time.

Did I miss anything? Oh yes, it’s absolutely free.

Be a Member-only Publisher on Medium

If you are an upcoming writer, then you must have definitely heard of the platform called Medium.

Medium is a blogging platform where you can read and publish articles regarding any topic, issue or genre.

You just need to open your account with Medium and start unraveling great pieces of content that will inspire you to write more.

If you like a piece of content too much, you can also appreciate the author with a round of applause. And of course, you can follow the writer to read more of his/her work.

Now that’s one side of the story. The other side is that you can also make handsome money out of Medium. Yeah, it’s absolutely possible.

The first step to achieve this goal is to sign up with Medium as a Paid Member which will charge you a tiny 5 dollars a month. Once you do that, you can publish member-only articles right from your account. You can also add visuals to make your post more appealing.

Now when these articles garner rave reviews and you get highlighted, you can make anywhere between $50 to $500 a month, sometimes even more if you give your 100% into it.

That’s cool, isn’t it? You get paid for writing anything online.

Lend Your Skills To These Blogs & Magazines That Pay

Get paid for writing anything online, write and get paid, get paid for story writing online

I know it’s easy to say that you can earn good money by writing for reputed blogs and magazines. But I personally don’t think that really helps people who are just starting in.

Being a beginner, it’s obvious for them not to know the right blogs and magazines to approach. And some ignore the advice thinking that paid magazines and blogs are a game for the veterans of the craft – it’s is not.

So here’s a list of online magazines that will pay you anywhere between $40 – $200 for every accepted post.

All you have to do is shortlist the magazines & blogs you want to write for, find a relevant story that will appeal to their readers, send an impeccably crafted story to the editor as a pitch.

Now if you have sent the right story to the right editor, then the chances of you using your pen to craft more incredible stories for a living are very high. So keep that pen ready and go get them, tiger.

Travel and Earn By Selling Your Experience

et paid for writing anything online, write and get paid, get paid for story writing online

This is specifically for those who respond to the call of the wild, the mountains, beaches, highways and all of that. What I mean here is, if you are someone who loves to travel, trek, enjoy the beach, go for motorcycle rides, long drives and is very enthusiastic to write about it and share your experience, we have got you covered.

There are many websites in which you will accept your travel stories, blogs, and journals and pay you in return. One such popular website is the Travelescape.

Now to make the best of this opportunity, what you have to make sure is that your content about the place that you have been to is extremely detailed, unique and of high quality because there is a possibility that your content will motivate other travelers like you to go on a voyage and your article will be a guide to them.

This is what I call ‘striking 2 birds with one stone.’ You get to travel, gain that experience, live in that moment and share it so that others can also live that moment too. The best part is – you get paid for it.

Finding The Right Clients

Yeah, I know it sounds difficult and I won’t disagree with that thought. It is a bit hard. More so if you are a newbie in the game.

The thing that is different here is that if successful, you will get a fulltime client for whom you have to deliver very frequently.

Moreover, with having a client it also means that you will have to create specific content for the products or services provided by your client.

So how to get yourself a client who avails your writing skills?

First, finalize your genre or industry about which you are going to write. Such as fitness, health, travel, gadgets, etc. Jot down a list of brands(websites) in these industries which can be your potential clients.

Once that is done, go to these websites individually, find their Contact Us page and shoot them an email. Add an enticing self-introduction, a few samples of your excellent writing and also share how your inputs can have a productive impact on their business(s).

If you touch the right notes with the right client, guess what? The client is yours.

Make The Right Use Of Freelancing Sites

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If you don’t want to limit yourself to write for specific clients or on specific topics, then you have an alternative here.

You can sign up with a freelancing website like Freelancer, Problogger, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc.

These websites connect people looking for writing jobs with prospective employers who will pay you to write for them.

The business module used here is bidding. Clients post their requirements with a budget and writers can post their bids on that job and vise Versa.

Generally, the writer with the least bid scores the contract. It is a good way to get in touch with new clients and also write creative and informative content about almost everything ranging from digital information and products, travel, health, consumer products, etc.

Once you are a member of one of these sites, you will automatically be notified via email if a writing job of your interest comes up.

Do keep in mind a minor downside of this method. The websites will keep a certain chunk of your earnings either on a percentage or fixed rate basis.

But who cares, as long as they are providing you with good work. You always have the possibility to walk out when you have enough work.

Collaborating With Reputed Remote Working

If you are not one of those who like being chained by the rigid 9-5 desk job, then working remotely for reputed companies can be a great way to liberate yourself and gain work satisfaction.

Remote working companies are cropping up by the day and they are employing people who possess the skills and willingness to work remotely in their preferred environment.

The job that you get can be varied and if you are interested, you can take it up, give your best and get paid handsomely.

I started as a remote worker a few years back in a part-time format. As the years passed, I got offers from other companies in the remote working field, grabbed my opportunities, built a team to assist me and now, I am here, trying my best to show you the ropes.

Moreover, you can sign up as a part-time contributor and give your best here and keep your steady job, well, steady, if you want.

Join a Content Site and get Paid for Writing anything online

This is a bit different from freelancing sites. One most important thing about content is that there is no limit on the content that can be created. From how-to, do-it-yourself, reviews, inspirational stories and whatnot.

An important thing about these content sites is that they want the content to be error-free, clean in every manner.

So if you have jokes and puns to spray into your content to make it more exciting, please refrain yourself. The list of content sites willing to avail your service is endless, but whether they will take you or not is a conscious decision.

Usually, you have to go through an entrance test. To clear it successfully, I suggest you learn everything about the company, the site, their way of writing, because if you fail, then the next test for you will be after a few months.

Wow Women, Strong Whispers, Watch Culture are some of the sites that you can try.

Be a Ghost Writer

Wait don’t think otherwise. You don’t need to be a real ghost like you are thinking. Being a ghostwriter means that you write for another writer without getting any credit for it.

Most top bloggers, content writers, and even reputed companies and organizations avail of this service. And there is nothing bad or illegitimate about it. In fact, it’s a great way to get paid for writing anything online.

Moreover, the money is better here because your client takes the credit along with the work. To start working as a ghostwriter you can again use the freelancing site mentioned above. Some times cold pitching can also help you get such work.


These were some of the practical ways to get paid for writing anything online. I will keep updating this post from time to time and add more ways as I discover new ones. So keep visiting and checking out for the update.

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