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Ghostwriting for Beginners- A Complete Guide in 5 Simple Steps


Are you thinking of becoming a Ghostwriter? Well, this could be one of the best decisions of your life. So let’s get down to the very basic and start things over to understand every aspect of Ghostwriting for beginners.

Ghostwriting is an integral part of Content Writing. You may earn the right amount of money through this and also will help you further to reach more people in the industry.

In my freelance career, I have had multiple Ghostwriting jobs from various industries. Still, I am working for such clients and have learned a lot over the years. It may sound a bit weird, but nearly all of them have been providing me with different rates for the articles I write for them.

The reason behind this is entirely outside of what rates I quote as a professional writer. It may sound confusing, but you will understand once we go through everything you need to know about Ghostwriting, and you can become a Ghostwriter. 

But before we move on, you should know that this is entirely different from what you write for yourself or your blog. It needs a specific discipline and has a different style of writing altogether.

So, let’s first get to the basics here for all the beginners and understand what exactly does the word Ghostwriter implies.

What is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person or a writer who writes blogs, articles, blog posts, web pages, speeches, or other texts for a company or an individual and is not credited for his or her work

The pieces or articles written by a ghostwriter is published by the company or an individual who it is written for as their own. Well, it may seem unfair. But, this is what the designation defines. You are paid a reasonable amount for this, and there are writers such as myself doing it as a full-time work.

Become a ghostwriter

The precise meaning of Ghostwriting for beginners is that once you agree and get paid for the work you have written, it no more belongs to you. The entire credit has been given to the company or the individual who has paid you. Well, you can still use it to promote your writing, but only with the client’s permission.

To all of you who had no about this, it may seem weird and to why anyone would want not to get the credit for their hard work?

The answer is pretty simple. It is entirely a matter of choice and understanding. If you are getting good money out of it, then there should never be an issue with this. You can still mention about the niche you have written and mentioned yourself a Ghostwriter.

Why Should I Choose Ghostwriting?

Since by now, we already know everything there is to what on earth is Ghostwriting? And why does the word Ghost has been used here? 

It is because, to all the viewers and readers, you are a Ghost to them about which people have no idea. 

Your concern is very much understandable if you are having second thoughts about Ghostwriting since it does not give you the name you deserve or the shoutout for your work. Sounds quite alright.

But let’s take one thing at a time and understand more about this overall.

It isn’t like your regular content writing job or freelancing. You are writing for a person or company who has placed trust in you and will be using your content under their name once you are done with the article. That is it. After minor corrections, you will not be associated with your blog in any way. Only if the concerned person allows you to use it for reference purposes, you can. Otherwise, it is no longer yours.

  1. Your writing skills will be enhanced in this process. Ghostwriting involves articles in multiple styles over and over again. Well, you can make good use of the opportunity and learn on the go.
  2. Most people are earning a hefty amount of money from this and also writing on their blogs for recognition. It will cause no harm to your portfolio in any way and works fine.
  3. Conclusively, your clients can easily recommend you further and increase your networking with higher stature people in the industry. Furthermore, it requires less effort than standard content work. Your client may provide you with the research material, and you need to frame a great piece of article.

How to Become a GhostWriter?

So, we have finally come down to the list of simple ways that will help you take one step close in becoming a good Ghostwriter. We have mentioned about five Simple steps, but just for each one of you, we have one Bonus Tip that would take things up a notch in your writing career.

But you need to keep reading and understanding everything before you reach to that. 

Let’s get started!!

#1. Learn to Write for Other People

So, the first question that will pop up in your mind will be, why should I write for anyone else when I can do much better myself. 

You need to rethink this thought. It is not a very easy task as it may seem like to start a blog and maintain it, especially if you are a loner into this. It requires complete dedication and focus. Well, if you feel that this is what you want to do, then you should go for it.

Otherwise, there are hundreds of websites and blogs available where people are looking for some content writers to scale up their reach. Acquiring this skill could be a little tight. It is not always easy to understand different styles of writing while becoming a Ghostwriter.

But writing for other people over time will help you learn these styles gradually, and further assist you in writing better for your blogs as well.

You may have an entirely different style of writing, but what your client requires may be altogether professional and not in the same way as you like. So, it is a great challenge to keep up with the type of content your client is looking for. I would always recommend providing the person with a small write-up as a sample so that it is more accessible from both sides to understand if it is worth going forward.

In this way, both of you can save time and would create an understanding if things go further.

#2. Gain Experience through Freelance Writing

To start getting to know about the market and the rates that other ghostwriters, you need to get your hands on to freelance writing.

Well, that is an entirely different part of the topic on how you can begin your journey as a Freelancer Writer. Still, you can check out our Freelance writing guide to know more — moving on, let’s talk about how freelancing could help you gain credibility and win more clients while becoming a Ghostwriter.

No matter what profession you follow, unless people get to know you, no one would ever hire you for any work. And To gain more experience, you need to start with freelance writing. As soon as people get to know more about your style of writing, clients can approach you for Ghostwriting work for their blogs or website.

Once the word is out in the market, those clients can further recommend, and the process goes on. 

Do not run for the high-paying clients immediately. You must have a strong base and a vast portfolio.

Once you have gained good experience, you will learn the art of pitching better to clients and learning more on the way for high paying jobs in Ghostwriting.

#3. Act and Think Like a Professional

With great work comes more significant responsibilities.

Well, Ghostwriting isn’t about you. It is about your clients. So, professionalism is a must when it comes to reaching out to potential clients or even interacting with the one already in it.


You already know that Ghostwriting doesn’t involve giving credit to the writer himself. It goes to the person or the company concerned who has paid you. There are going to be times when you would have to talk about the work you do and say it out loud.

For Example:

“What do you do?” if someone asks.

“I am a Ghostwriter,” you said.

“Please let me have a look at your writings,” the person added.

That is it. You have no answer here, as you are not entitled to show your work. It is the situation that you need to be prepared for when it comes to stepping into the professional world.

  1. First things first. If you have any client that does not mind sharing the piece of content and is ready to acknowledge it when the time comes, do not miss the opportunity. Make a list of all those writing and websites.
  2. Now, create a portfolio website under your name with all your credentials. Display your work that has been approved from the clients, add the categories you work on, mention your contact information, review from clients.
  3. If need be, you can also get a business card. It may seem too much to you now. But once you get into the market and understand the competition, you will be stunned on the professionalism people show during work, no matter how big or small it is. And Ghostwriting is nothing even compared to being a small job or profession.
  4. Do not hesitate to call out yourself to be a Ghostwriter. It is your profession, so have a clear head. Let people know more about it whenever needed and the importance it has in the corporate world.

I have worked on multiple blogs and sites as a Ghostwriter. And even though I am a Freelance Content Writer, depending on the client’s need, I address myself as a Ghostwriter as well. 

You are a professional, and Ghostwriting is the service you provide.

#4. Be Patient and Self-Disciplined

In an expert ecosystem, you need to learn to be disciplined and patient. 

It all comes down to quality and the time frame that the work needs to be submitted. To Become a GhostWriter may sometimes have its disadvantages. I understand not getting endorsed for the work that you do could be appalling sometimes. But then this is where you need to have the most patience.

You are a beginner, and it can be confusing out there. But do not lose hope. As much as you need work, there are hundreds and thousands of people building sites each day, and they need you. The only thing that takes time is to reach the right kind of people. So give yourself time to learn and build a good portfolio so that people start reaching you and not vice versa.

For beginners, I have one more essential advice to go through with. Please maintain a great deal of professionalism while dealing with clients. 

Say you are a Business, and Ghostwriting is the service that you provide. Your clients are your customers. And it is always advisable to keep your customers happy and content. This isn’t your personal blog where you can post anytime you wish, and it won’t matter.

This is your client’s website, and being on time is the least you can offer apart from the quality of the work.

Stay away from Procrastination.

#5. Keep up with the market

Yet another essential thing that you need to keep in mind is to continue with the market trends and demands

I am talking about the client’s demands and what niche has been of the best interest among the readers. It may sound a bit confusing. But it isn’t. Becoming a writer does not only mean that you will be provided with work, and all you have to do is keep on writing.

As a professional, you must be aware of your competitors and the market. You are a ghostwriter who can write on multiple niches. Each niche has a specific tone and style of writing, which is why each of them will not have a fixed rate. It varies accordingly. It is something you must be aware of when you pitch in front of your potential clients.

Considering this is just your beginner’s steps, you can always go for a fresher’s pay rate for each article. Once you start gaining more experience, you can increase the cost gradually and update on your profile as well. So, to understand what is the minimum pay rate currently, you need to explore the market and talk to more people.

I, too, had started for a pretty low rate. Since I was just in a learning phase, and I had my share of uncountable errors and mistakes with my piece of articles. But once you get on the right track, there is no turning back. I am still learning since you can never learn everything in one life.

So, talk to more people already in this domain. If you feel you cannot find anyone, leave a comment here, and let’s have a chat and see where we can take things.

I am just like you, having similar visions and skills. I had my share of the journey from the starting. It is time for you.

Don’t go just yet. As promised, we have a Bonus Tip for you to leverage things in your direction being a beginner.

Bonus Tip- The One where Ghostwriting can help you earn big bucks

If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, you can probably understand why I chose to write the topic this way.

I intended to keep the earning part as a separate topic, as this is all about when you start as a beginner. I know this may seem too overwhelming while starting, and way too complicated at first. But once you earn your first some of the money, you will know how it feels.

Ghostwriting jobs

Ghostwriting is no joke. You can earn thousands of dollars a month with sheer dedication. You need to keep looking for more projects, start reading more blogs on Ghostwriting for beginners and gain more insights into what’s new in the market.

Keep up with the trend.

People are looking for writers who can write ebooks, and this could be an excellent opportunity to enhance your writing skills. They pay good money for this. But then again, you need to understand how are ebooks or pdfs written to get started on this. 

There are thousands of job posts altogether on freelancing sites such as Guru, Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, ProBlogger, people per hour, etc. All these sites have projects from all around the world with different pay rates. Create your profile and start reaching out to more clients through this. I am pretty sure with a proper approach; you can land up with the latest 2-3 projects in a month. 

There is more to this. I tried this particular method, and it sure did work and continues to do so. Currently, people are looking for writers who can work as a Ghostwriter for their Affiliate based blog. Such a blog contains review articles of products such as laptops, cameras, machines, etc. This job posting is available on Facebook Groups, where you can directly connect with clients and start working on these projects.

Multiple such ways can help you earn money through Ghostwriting. But do not try to try all of them out, as mentioned above. 

Can Ghostwriting Jobs be Enough as a Full-Time Career?

In my case, I can say yes, Ghostwriting Jobs is enough if you want to do this full-time.

I have been doing it for quite some time now, and I am pretty happy with the current situation. Also, I am not a millionaire. I earn a decent amount of money for a living, and I work at least 12 hours a day to write a good piece of content. 

If only you are entitled that this is what interests you and you are willing to work without any time limits, no days off for starters, flexible hours, and you decided the course of your life. If all of this sounds exciting to you, then I guess you are good to go.

Don’t be scared or impatient at any point in life if you are unable to get projects, and you desperately want this to be your career.

I had been through my darkest time for the first six months. I hardly had 2-3 projects in total, and it became challenging. But trust me, things gradually started falling into place, and here I am.

There is nothing like earning 5-6 figure income. Stop right here, if this is all you can think of. I still am nowhere close to it, but this makes me happy, and I am passionate about it. Be more loving and not make it just about money.

Are you all pumped up to become a Ghostwriter now?

It is all from my side about Ghostwriting and how to leverage Ghostwriting for beginners and how you can become one. There are so many stories out there that you should read before starting things up to be sure this is what you want.

Ghostwriting for beginners is not entirely the same as a Freelance writer but similar to it. Keep your hopes high and make way for your career ahead.

If you feel stuck, do not forget to ping me or comment out. I can help you in whatever way I will be able to make things easier. But make sure you have gone through each of the points above.

Happy Ghostwriting!!

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