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The blogging business is huge. There are hundreds of bloggers who are looking for freelance writers every day.

This is because when people start a blog, they need to consistently keep posting quality content to their site. It is only through content that they can add value to their blog.

But professional bloggers, do not find time to blog daily as they are loaded with hundreds of other work too. They are the ones taking care of everything.

From designing the blog to strategizing the content, promotion and even fixing the bugs. That’s when they want someone to assist them in their work. They might now start looking for freelancers, with whom they can join hands with.

That’s when you as a freelance writer make the entry.

Most freelance writers fail to get more assignments because their Author Bio misses the element that can connect them to recruiters. Once this is taken care of, assignments are sure to flood in.

I have received so many long-term clients after I added this element to my author bio.

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In this post, I will tell you how I expanded my writing career and earned an extra five-figure income in less than a month.  So let’s begin.

Note: What I will tell you about here is specifically related to WordPress-powered sites only.

Step 1: Create a Great Author Bio

The first step to building a strong client base is to have a great author bio. Your author bio is the one thing through which recruiters and other bloggers will know about you.

Try writing a short yet descriptive bio about yourself that tells in brief about your interests, your hobbies, and your experiences. If you are a beginner with no experience try showing off your skills.

You can try writing something like  – XYZ(your name) is a copywriter and social media strategist who specializes in ghostwriting, copywriting and blogging services. She spends her spare time catching up with new trends and technology.

Step 2: Create Your Gravatar Profile

Your next step will be to create your Gravatar profile. Gravatar is going to be your globally recognized image. So make sure you upload a nice image that you don’t frequently want to keep changing.

Here you need to upload a nice picture of yourself and write a small bio ( that can be the same one you just created). The image that you upload here is going to follow you from one site to another.

Basically every time you log in to a WordPress site, your author bio will be automatically created. This will be the same Gravatar profile that you have created for yourself.

In other words, this profile is going to be your online identity.

Step 3: Creating Your About.ME Page

This is one of the main steps of getting yourself hired by professional bloggers. You can start by creating your profile. This is a free service where you can create a free page for yourself that will act like your portfolio.

Get hired for freelance writing,, freelance writing, making money

On this page click on the Get Started for Free option. You will now be taken to the next page. You can now sign up to with your email address your email address. Once you do that, click on the Next option.

Get hired for freelance writing,, freelance writing, making money

Now follow the fun CAPTCHA instructions and prove that you are not a robot. Click Next. Now fill up your details.

Get hired,, freelance writing, making money

Fill up your name and in the next step upload your photo. It is a good idea to upload the same photo that you have uploaded to the Gravatar profile. Keep following the steps and enter your location.

In the next step, it will ask you to enter your hobbies.

Get hired,, freelance writing,, making money

Select your hobbies and move on to the next step. Select your occupation here. The next step is an important one. This page asks you what you want people to do on your page.

It will display a number of option for you. Depending on the purpose of creating this page choose an option. Since here we are talking about getting hired, we will choose the Hire Me button.

In the next step, it will tell you that a message will be sent to you every time someone clicks on that button. However, it will cloak your email address. This is the best part about the page. You stay connected and your page looks clean and professional.

In the next step, you can design your page by picking on the pre-designed styles. The next page asks you if you want a free page or if you want an upgrade.

I am still using the free option and it works great. You can choose it too. On the next page, you can edit your link or skip the step. The link they provide is good to go.  Now choose a password for your page and get started.

This is what your page will look like.

Get hired,, freelance writing, making money

On the top right corner of the page, there is the setting option. You can click on it to add your social links if you want.

Step 4: Connect Gravatar To WordPress

Now that your Gravatar is ready, log on to the site that you are writing for. Your employer will give you the username and password to log in. Once you are logged in you will be on the dashboard of the WP site.

On the left side of your screen go to User > My Profile.

Author Profile Settings, Get hired for freelance writing

Scroll down the page and go to About Yourself. You will see a link that connects you to your Gravatar profile. Click on that link and log in to your Gravatar profile. Select the image that you have uploaded there.

Your image will now be displayed in the image box of your WordPress site.

Connecting to gravatar, get more freelancing work, making money, Get hired for freelance writing

In the Biographical Info section, you can add the info that you have created in the first step.

Step 5: Connecting Your About.Me Page To Get Hired

This is the final step of your settings. In this step, you have to add a small code at the end of your biographical info. Here is the code:

<a href=””>Contact here</a>

This will create a link, clicking on which a reader will be directed to your about me page. On your About Me page the reader gets to know more about you.

If he/she wants he can hire you for an assignment by clicking on the Hire Me button.

Get hired for freelance writing,, freelance writing, making money

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Final Note

Expanding my freelancing base was a major concern that I had when I started my writing career.  I was happy with the little money that I earned from writing for the single site I wrote for.

But I soon realized that I can earn much more than what I was earning from just one site, by freelancing for other similar sites.  I got in touch with a fellow blogger who has been in the profession for more than 8 years.

He suggested to me about the profile. And ever since I created my profile there, my writing career graph only scaled up.

So why don’t you give it a try too? It’s free and easy. Until then keep blogging!

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