How to improve your writing skills

How to Improve Writing Skills in 6 Simple Ways[Updated 2021]


Improve Writing Skills– If you are a writer and looking out for ways on how to improve your writing skills, then you are at luck. I could help you in the best way possible to sharpen up your skills and make sure you land up some of the best projects based on your talent.

So, let’s start over before we get to the do’s and don’t of everything you need to know about “how to improve writing skills.”

The very thing you need to ask yourself is, “Are you really good at writing?”

Writing blogs, articles, website content is not at all similar to corresponding content on paper and pen. I have never been a great writer when it comes to expressing words on a paper. But I have come a long way doing freelance writing for more than 5 years.

Also, if you think that becoming a freelancer full-time or even part-time is a beautiful, carefree job. Then you have got it all wrong. You need to take it all out of your mind about earning money the easy way through freelancing. Yes, there are some perks, but then everything requires time, patience, and complete dedication.

Make sure you have a clear mind because writing a perfect blog or an article isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to come up with the right words that your readers understand correctly or just work for that matter than can frame a proper sentence.

Scroll down with the motive to learn to be better, just as I have and still continue to do so further.

Also, you will find something really interesting if you tend to improve your writing skills. A special section at the end for everyone that could help you take things forward.

How to Improve Writing Skills in 6 Simple Ways

There are tons of ways one can think of to make your writeup a masterpiece for any purpose you wish to serve. But, some need special attention and must be taken care of in the long run.

This list mentioned below is something I have practiced all these years of my career and worked out ideally a week. Hopefully, it will work for you too. Here is the list that will help you to improve your English writing skills.

1. Start from the very Basic

Everything needs to start from the very basic. Firstly, you have to understand what are the things that trouble you the most while you begin writing on a topic. It could be anything, either be it grammar, vocabulary, sentence making, etc.

Start from the basic

The most common mistakes that you need to avoid are:

  1. Stop using passive voice. Neither Google nor any of your readers could connect well with the use of excessive passive voice in your article. You can always learn more about the proper use of active voice and implement it accordingly.
  2. Do not use a single word multiple times in a single sentence. It creates a constant flow of words and makes the article monotonous. Your readers may not feel in their best interest to read your item after a specific duration.
  3. Use simple words and do not try to make it harder for readers to understand a strong vocabulary. 
  4. If you are a story writer or an academic writer, do not generalize your content. Be clear about all the facts and frame accordingly.
  5. Do not become too monotonous while writing a creative piece of content. Always make it exciting and informative.

2. Keep Writing Regularly

Content Writing or Creative Writing is just like a regular job if you are doing it full-time like me. I have been doing this for over 5 years now. And in all these years, I had tried my best to write regularly, no matter whatever the content would be.

It helps to maintain a balance of your writing skills. Also, if you have just started over as a beginner, it will be an excellent opportunity to build up a portfolio. Every client or business looks for a vast collection to provide you with work or to hire you. 

“Write your heart out.”

Multiple other ways can help you maintain your regular writing skills. Instead of going for writing long-form blog posts or articles, you can start with creating social media creative posts. You may have seen influencers that post regularly on their social media handles to promote a product or just anything for that matter.

You can also do the same. Just write your heart out and share what you feel. This will increase your flow of writing over time and make you more comfortable while using the right words or forming a proper sentence. 

3. Do Your Research

Do not believe in shortcuts. There is no place of taking the more natural way out if you are a writer. There are multiple articles or blog posts on the topic that you have chosen to write, which you can easily copy-paste or just spin it. But, you should know that this is not an ethical method to follow.

How to improve writing skills

Moreover, you need to, and you should research every aspect of information that you provide your writers too. If you have a genre where you need to mention a lot of facts and data, then you need to be very careful every time. Any small error could cost your credibility among your readers and viewers.

“Do not simply rely on Wikipedia.”

It may sound weird and stupid to you. But don’t blindly have faith in every piece of information provided by Wikipedia. The data provided to the site has also been updated by humans itself, which needs a constant update, so it’s better to do your part of the research at the same time.

4. Be Specific and Simple

It sounds impressive when you hear people use words straight out of a dictionary. Well, it surely is fascinating. But it’s a trap. So, you need to come out of it.

I had also fallen for such a thing when I started writing. I felt using some heavy words and challenging words will make me look much better. Instead, it made me realize it was so difficult to read the entire article your viewers cannot understand the word you wrote.

Improve writing skills

“Keep it Simple and Specific.”

You can use simple language and a lesser complex frame of words in your blog posts. After all, you are not winning an Oscar for the words you choose. 

All your readers should be able to read your article without any stress on and with a good flow, Just like I have been trying to keep up with this rule, as I continue to write. Also, be more specific.

Use of filler words such as and, that, really, surely, etc. may look too bland in the long-form of articles. 

You can use it in places. But, not too much. You may still find some of them in my articles as I have been using them for a very long time. But gradually learning as I move along with you people.

5. Give Priority to Editing

Not many of you believe in giving your blog post a proofread once you are done with it. That is something you need to take into consideration this very second. Not just this, you may later realize the number of grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes in your post, which otherwise would have made your blog look weaker. 

For better editing and corrections, there are numerous tools available on the web.

One such widely used tool is Grammarly. Yes, some of you may have heard it, and some may have not if you are a beginner.

I personally use Grammarly for each of the articles I have been writing all these years. You can try out the free version which would correct basic errors, or you can go for the premium version, which will serve you better to help you improve your writing skills.

Even after allowing a tool to correct and make suggestions for my blog. I give it a final proofread to make sure I provide the perfect content to my viewers and readers. It’s alright to make mistakes no matter at whichever level you have been writing. Even after all this, your final draft has errors, it does not make you less of a human.

Just keep writing, and you will improve each day.

6. Read More and Observe your Competitors

It may come to you as a surprise that I hated reading books. I often get bored, either due to a lack of patience or just lack of interest. So, if you share similar interests just like me. Don’t worry. 

You do not need to become or start doing something which may not interest you. It is always a great thing to read more, not just for the sake of writing, but the immense knowledge you get through it is incredible. You can learn to frame sentences, have a rich vocabulary, and improves your English in the long run. If you have been already doing this, way to go.

If you are someone like me, then I have the perfect advice for you. You do not need to become an avid reader. Just try to read and understand your competitor’s posts and blogs to create a better piece. That is all you need to go through. 

Pick out a topic. Research the contents already on the web. And go through them.

I can assure you it will help in the long run without having to read everything as most people recommend. Once you start doing this, things will start falling into place, and it will not be hectic.

Reward Yourself with your Skillful Writing

Since you now know all the major ways that can help you improve your writing skills. It is very important to follow them every time before starting a blog post or while writing on it. You can simply start looking out for projects on various freelancing sites. These sites will be a reward for all the hard work you have been doing to improve your writing skills.

improve writing skills

If you are a beginner and have been struggling to get some great projects, this could be a turning point. Once you have sharpened your writing skills, there is nothing that can stop you from showcasing your portfolio and get amazing projects worth your talent. Make your excellent profile on these sites and start bidding. You can try out sites that I would personally recommend to you such as ProBlogger, Freelancer, Upwork, Peopleperhour, and Guru.

They have been a great support for me when I started things with Freelance writing and landed me with decent projects. So don’t just sit and waste your skills. Take out your systems and start writing.

Become what you Believe In!!

All of the steps mentioned above are simple and easy to work on. No extra efforts are needed, just a little detail to which you already have been doing all this time.

Improve your writing skills

                     If you believe you can be better, then there is nothing that can stop you from becoming.

This is a mantra that I follow in everything I do. And wish to further pass it on to everyone who has either just started or has lost hopes.

No matter how big a professional you are, there is always scope for improvement. Just keep practicing and writing more and more each day. The most important thing is, do not to think of editing while you write

I, too, have this habit of correcting each and every word every second, and that breaks the flow of writing what is in my mind. So, it is better to just keep your head on the content you create and edit the entire thing at the very last. 

Try all of this and let us know if it works. 

We would love to hear more methods that you try each day and have worked for you. So that we can share with others as well and help them learn better.

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