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ScalaHosting Review 2021 | Is Scalahosting Worth Your Money & Site?


Scala Hosting Review– Virtual Private Server is the full form for VPS. It is built exclusively to keep our privacy intact.

Privacy is everything in this new world! When you have a set of resources destined just for you, you don’t have to share it with anyone. Read out our detailed review of Saclahosting and decide yourself for your next hosting company.

Well, it is only virtual where you get a part of the physical server, just for you. However, every business corporation needs one for themselves to work their secret magic over their analytics, uptime their speed with stability.

What if there is a host server that provides you with a VPS, Cloud computing, SSD cloud on par with your expectations at a low price? Fret no more, we have found what you are looking for.

ScalaHosting is one of the most renowned Web Hosting technologies that has a record of more than 50k happy customers. It has also hosted more than seven lakhs websites till 2019, starting from 2007. They happen to work with all scales of customers, be it- students, developers to large-scale teams, business organizations.

Why ScalaHosting is the future in 2021?



  • Rank holders in Google results

ScalaHosting offers a managed cloud VPS that is significantly faster in performance and had a quick effect on the rank of the google results. By choosing ScalaHosting, you are placing your websites and SEO for search engines such as Bing, Google, etc., on the first page of the search results. It makes you more visible to gain maximum heads popping at your website for the products and services.

  • Fair pricing for the best performance

ScalaHosting costs you the minimum to work for you the best. Their tariff consists of 3 different shared hosting plans starts from just $4.95  and reaches up to $9.95 per month. Among the shared hosting, the managed VPS prices start from $12 to $66 per month, and the Unmanaged VPS prices start from $10 per month and change according to your needs. When used for WordPress, they are provided with the Content Management System (CMS) as well.

The Unmanaged VPS has three different packages. And their tariff is as follows-

Mini Start Advanced
·     It costs around $4.95 per month.

·     Offers 10 GB disk space.

·     Assurance of 90k visits per month.


·     It costs $5.95 per month.

·     Offers unlimited disk space.

·     Assures 150k visits per month.


·     It costs $9.95 per month.

·     Offers unlimited disk space.

·     Assures 270,000+ visits per month.

·     Along with free domain and SEO audit.

The three tariffs are all implemented with

  • SSL certificates,
  • S Shield security package,
  • Unlimited site hosting,
  • Free migration
  • And, cPanel License

Tariff for All Managed VPS packages is pre-packed with extra features at a fair price.

Start Advanced Business Enterprise
·         With 1 CPU,

·         2 GB RAM,

·         20 GB SSD storage,

·         The yearly prepays only $12 per month.


·         2 CPUs,

·         4 GB RAM,

·         30 GB SSD storage,

·         The yearly prepay costs only $24 per month.


·         4 CPUs

·         6 GB RAM

·         50 GB SSD storage

·         It costs $44 per month of yearly prepay.


·         6 CPUs

·         8 GB RAM

·         80 GB SSD

·         It is for $66 per month of a year prepay.

The Business package is designed especially for small scale business organizations. The Enterprise package has been the hottest package for a while now.

All Managed VPS packages are furnished with

  • 3TB BandWidth,
  • SPanel Control,
  • Unlimited free migrations,
  • SShield realtime Protection,
  • Unlimited Accounts,
  • Designated IP address.

It also has the flexibility to choose a secondary HDD disk for more storage at $1 for 10GB each. It is recommended to choose managed VPS as it does not increase the discounted value while renewing, and it adds great value for the money spent with its performance and features. The cPanel can also be bought for $15 per month exclusively, along with SPanel.

  • Uptime guarantee

The ScalaHosting shows a 99.9% uptime guarantee in 10 minutes weekly or 9 hours of yearly downtime for both shared and VPS hosts. The maximum response time scored by ScalaHosting is 924 milliseconds, and the minimum is 298milliseconds, while on average, they have around 406 milliseconds, which is higher than their competition. This is the fastest and reliable service provider that achieves the highest uptime performance.

“Critics suggest ScalaHosting be a good start for those venturing business online. Records show that they have migrated unlimited sites in a handful of days for many clients, and the reliability they promise in words can be felt through their guaranteed works.”

  • Cloud Hosting

When using cloud hosting for your websites/organizations, you no longer need a physical architecture of a CPU. Cloud Hosting can allocate a partition in a virtual server, with several CPUs with a large amount of RAM and storage.

Cloud hosting enables access to physical architecture with large size of RAM and storage, along with a particular website application on their hosting website. Through this, you can host your web services in  SSH, FTP, SFTP on different servers simultaneously. The process of hosting your web servers simultaneously on many servers is called a cluster. Unlike its name, it shows high levels of reliability. The whole virtual system will not shut down at any cause, even when one of the machines malfunctions.

Cloud hosting is highly reliable as your website can be hosted on multiple physical networks at the same time on a virtual partition. The website will never be disrupted during any malfunction or inaccessibility. It will always stay open and running.

Cloud hosting your website will keep it extensible and flexible. As the resources can be accessed through the cloud, it is like having a great resource at the tip of your fingers, just a touch away and at the lowest prices. It becomes economical to use because of these reasons.

Scala Hosting is better than its competitors?

Scala hosting Review

The level of security provided in cloud hosting at ScalaHosting is unreachable by its competition. It is secured from third parties and restricts access to any unauthorized entries, with many physical servers. Thus, Our services for you can never be interrupted, ever!

With cloud hosting at ScalaHosting, the payment for the virtual servers can be paid as you go, with multiple data centers and instant provisioning, at a fast performance, also, maximum flexibility, scalability, and better security. In short, this is the best solution providing the best resources right on demand.

  • 24*7 Customer support

ScalaHosting keeps itself available at all times via live chat, phone calls, and emails. Reviews from earlier customers showcase the goodness and ability of ScalaHosting Support Services.

They question less and answer effectively and promptly! The interactions stay concise, precise, and helpful. ScalaHosting stays open with well-trained professionals who can solve your issues and provide solutions with minimal questioning.

  • High security along with reliability

Their isolated environment enabled reliability and security. They constantly steer away spammers while on a shared server so that you don’t get blacklisted at all.

ScalaHosting provides you with high-end security by locking your website along with information safe from brute force attacks easily. Because of its tight security, viruses and malware can’t spoil your data and website if you are on a shared server.

A few of the most eye-catching and brilliant features of ScalaHosting have been mentioned above. However, before moving on, one should understand the technicalities to grasp the benefit of different services provided fully.

The unique features that come along with your VPS subscription from ScalaHosting are-

  • SShield

The SShield is a free software security suite designed to protect your website from attacks from malicious hackers with a success rate of 99.99% by blocking malware and viruses. It ensures high protection for your website.

ScalaHosting provides SShield along with your subscription at no additional expenses, unlike any of its competition.

SShield has the unique feature of creating a report and informing you it about all the breaches that happen in some rare cases. It works for all the websites and servers you hold in real time, simultaneously. While in breaches, it sends reports and information about it and, for hacks, it detects and blocks it immediately.

  • SWordPress Manager

In recent times, most of the websites are hosted and are powered by WordPress. In addition to WordPress, ScalaHosting makes it a lot easier for the users to execute their websites and servers with specific betterments, like-

  • Automatic updates of core WordPress components, simplifying website management and protection.
  • LOCK is a security for the WordPress users created by ScalaHosting. It locks down all files and directories from the hackers trying to modify or steal the data. Despite being under lock, users can still upload content, videos, webpages. However, it needs to be locked and unlocked manually to update it.
  • Cloning and staging can be done easily with SWordPress Manager. For other purposes, such as revamping the current site or cloning one for re-use, it can be done without hustle.
  • SSD Cloud Server

The plans and tariffs for SS cloud servers are –  Start, Advanced, Business and Enterprise. Enterprise-grade SSD drives powering all these, and with ScalaHosting, it only gets better! ScalaHosting provides these implicit features at a better quality and higher performance, as compared to the normal SSD drivers.

The ScalaHosting’s SSD cloud Server is customized with cPanel/WHIM. This can be upgraded or downgraded according to your needs and requirements at any time.

The enterprise-grade SSD cloud servers come pre-packed with a self-healing cloud infrastructure that can perform the most complex repairs and maintenance responsibilities automatically.

The SSD cloud server can be added to

  • CloudLinux
  • LiteSpeed webserver

The fully managed service with cPanel servers (virtual and dedicated) is not charged extra for the management or any other purposes. There is provision for backups, and they are stored on remote backup servers.

The plans and services are affordable by an individual, as well as businesses. One can start from cPanel hosting plans, and can gradually upgrade to VPS servers and SSD cloud servers on demand.

ScalaHosting’s Unique Plan

ScalaHosting offers 4 types of reseller hosting plans, namely, Scala1, Scala2, Scala3, and Scala4. The plans vary from 25GB, 50GB, 75 GB and 100 GB, including unlimited BandWidth, and cPanel accounts.

These plans assure one with 2k visits daily per account. More visitors can be allowed as long as the use of CPU and RAM resources are not wiped off for 24 hours. If exceeded, the ScalaHosting customer support will format an email about the dried up usage and leaves you with reminders and also actions that can be taken for the day to resolve it readily. Every reseller hosting plan is powered by SSD and is 100% private-labeled. Excluding certain plans, All of the others are at no charge for the free RapidSSL certificates, Google SEO tools, and CDN for more than 100 locations.

ScalaHosting grants free daily and weekly backups that are stored on remote servers for all shared hosting users. The backups also include 7 restore points for the last 7 days, which are accessible from your cPanel.

 Competitors Of Scala Hosting

A2 Hosting and SiteGround are two of the nearest competitors of Scala hosting. They provide robust and high capacity hosting options for beginner and seasoned site owners alike. They provide businesses to launch products with customized WordPress software, Cloudflare CDN and 24/7 service.

A2 hosting boasts unlimited storage and quick page loads with SSD-packed Turbo Servers, while SiteGround offers awesome freebies, like a free-for-life domain name and unrestricted email accounts. We have a hard time picking between the two, so keep reading while we explore the various benefits.

  • A2 Hosting- A2 hosting offers a highly optimized WordPress platform that works wonders for bloggers as well as companies alike. So clients can choose between equally well supported Windows so Linux hosting. Certain advantages of A2 hosting include an optional Quick Site Loading Turbo Engine, Unlimited Database Switch, Free Server Rewind Backups, Quadruple Redundant Network, etc.
  • SiteGround– It is the perfect base for hosting blogs or websites for people. Apps such as Pcie drives for all plans and better interface efficiency with NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN are impressive. More capabilities provide automatic SSL certificate upgrades to a device app. The patented and special safety rules for firewalls allow users to prevent flaws in the device.

Drawbacks Of Scala Hosting

  • Scala Hosting does not come with any cons other than its expensive shared hosting and is not as small as may be provided by some of the competition. The selection of apps is great, though.
  • Scala Hosting offers three shared hosting services, with prices ranging from $4.95 to $9.95/mo monthly. Managed VPS prices range from $12 to $66/mo, while the unmanaged VPS is lower, beginning at $10/mo and flexible to specifications.
  • All the services are fitted with SSL keys, SShield encryption kit, free conversion, and unrestricted web hosting and cPanel authorization. Consumers can also choose customized WordPress hosting at the same price. The features listed will be complemented by automatic CMS (Content Management System) updates.
  • Scala Hosting often strongly recommends using VPS products for the Web. It is just marginally expensive and promises far more flexibility,  better performance, and greater reliability.


ScalaHosting provides up to 20X faster servers, a 99.998% uptime guarantee with any time contact to their Customer support. Other noteworthy services include an anytime money-back guarantee for different accounts, top-notch security and what not? ScalaHosting has proved its mettle and has been far ahead of its competitor for the past 13 years.

ScalaHosting has been awarded 4.9stars out of 5 in many reviewers and critics. With constant services provided, Scalahosting has topped with excellence. Many companies and organizations owe their recognition and growth to ScalaHosting. The customers’ happiness and satisfaction with services and offers have only made them earn the best and top web host solutions in the industry.

ScalaHosting has been reviewed to be the best start for any business or individual who has just started to venture out into the world to follow their passion for business and improving. Follow your dreams at ease with our services and products!


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