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How To Write Error Free Writing For Your Readers?


Write Error-Free Content– If you are into reading, you must be knowing how annoying it is to read content with grammatically incorrect sentences or misspelled words. Being into content marketing, sometimes I need to write up to three articles a day each about different topics.

This needs a lot of research and time. So errors in terms of punctuations, spellings, etc is a common thing. This is especially true when you are working hard to meet your deadlines, failing which you might end up losing a client.

However, no matter how strict your deadlines are, you cannot afford to send your work without double-checking them for errors. In the writing business, Content is the key and if you look forward to pursuing it as a profession, error-free and quality content is something that you cannot compromise upon.

So what do you do to make things easier and quicker for you?

Writing Error Free Content

In the beginning, I did not give much importance to proof-reading. As obvious it is, my final draft went to the editors with a lot of silly mistakes. That’s when a fellow blogger suggested this amazing tool. Today, I am totally dependent on it when it comes to proof-reading my articles before I hit the final save button on my drafts.

The name of this tool is Grammarly. Many of you must already be familiar with this tool. It is one of the most popular and common tools that writers use today. Grammarly is a free and real-time spelling and grammar editor that instantly helps you enhance your writing skills. It is a quick and smart tool that analyses every sentence of your article, recognizes the errors and suggests a correction.

Although the name might give an impression that it is just a grammar checking tool, it is actually a lot more than that. Besides grammar, it also takes care of words that might unintentionally be repeated or the use of homonyms, jargons, etc.

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Using Grammarly For Error-Free Content

Using Grammarly is the easiest thing you can do to have a great piece of error-free content. When I started using it, I found it easy to use and instantly fell in love with it. Here is how you can use it:

To use this application, type Grammarly on your search engine and go to the official page of Grammarly. You will see the following page appear on your screen. Click on the Add to Chrome button.


The following message will pop up on your screen. Now click on Add extension.

Grammarly, error-free content

This will take you to the next step, where you can personalize your Grammarly app. You may want to skip this option too. I have set my options for other projects because I mostly use it for drafting the writing assignments that I need to send to my clients. You may also set it up for office or academic projects depending on your requirements.

For the writing skills option, you can choose from one of the levels that start from beginner through advanced. You can then hit the continue button.

Grammarly, error-free content

You will now be taken to the following page. Here click on the Continue to Save your settings option.

Grammarly, error-free content

Grammarly will now ask you to either login or signup to your Grammarly account. Since I already have an account I chose to sign in. If you do not have an account, you can choose the option to create one.

Grammarly, error-free content

Once your account is created, Grammarly will display the following page for you. Now click on the Install Now option. Your app will now be installed on your computer. And you will be taken to the home page of your Grammarly account that you have just created.

Grammarly, error-free content

Here you will have three options. In the personal dictionary option, you might want to add phrases that you frequently use and do not want the app to mark as an error. In the second option which says American/British, you can click on the drop-down arrow and select which English you will be using while writing.

Grammarly, error-free content

Now that’s all you have to do to start using Grammarly. Your account has been created and the app has been installed in your browser. The app icon will now appear on your browser toolbar like this:

Grammarly, error-free content

How Grammarly Works?

Grammarly works by pointing out every little mistake that you make in your drafts. It will check all your errors in real-time and suggest a correction.  It does this for every document that you draft on your computer when you are online. Be it an email or a social media post or any other document on the web.

However, Grammarly does not support Google Doc. But it offers you the option of copy-pasting your document or uploading it to be checked in real-time.

Another great thing that I have noticed about this brilliant app is that it suggests that you can swap using those unnecessary words that you sometimes feel like using. It also checks for double space between words and wrong punctuations.

I am a big fan of Grammarly. But I must tell you that sometimes it makes mistakes too. Although Grammarly suggestions are helpful, it is always better if you know when to use its word suggestions and when to ignore them.

You may sometimes want to use the passive voice in your sentences. But the app keeps pointing out how wrong you are because you are not using active voice. This is probably because it wants writers to use more direct and clear language.

So I think you can get the best out of Grammarly only when you know which suggestions to ignore.

Grammarly Pricing

There is a free edition of Grammarly that you can add to your browser edition. But if you want more features you will have to pay some dollars to get it. The paid Premium edition will cost you $29.95 per month, $59.95 if paid quarterly, or $139.95 if paid annually.

You can use the free version and I think it offers more than you will require (even if you have an okay hold over grammar). I use the free version and it’s great if you want to write some great error-free content for your readers.

If you need more such tools to create quality content and grow your business, here is a comprehensive list of top digital marketing tools.

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  1. I am happy with Grammarly app, but I need full feature whereas I could not pay for it. Please recommend the free app which helps us like Grammarly

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