How to Write a Killer Post That Turn Heads


The content published on a website is its backbone. Good content is what sets you and your brand apart from the crowd.

Your website may be dynamic, interactive, and well-designed, but if the content published is not engaging enough, it is bound to affect your business negatively.

Content marketing is one of the greatest tools to establish your brand and get a reputation online. It gives you an easy and exclusive opportunity to effectively connect with your potential clients while showcasing your skills and expertise.

You cannot publish just anything or everything on your website. The content must be relevant to the context, engaging and able to fulfill the user requirements.

Besides, delivering the right message to the audience is possible through effective content writing only.

Keeping in mind, the importance of quality content, it becomes indispensable to identify the secret behind great posts and articles.

Here, I have brought you some quick tips to write a post that turns heads and makes people revisit your website.

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‘The content writing business is all about how good you are with words.

If that’s how you think, you definitely need to do some more research.

There are no two ways to fact that a content writer should be able to turn thought into words in the most efficient manner. But if you want to survive the writing business, you should equip yourself with a few more skills, so that you are not left far behind.

Besides being excellent with words, you should also be able to

  • engage readers
  • educate your readers
  • build trust with them
  • deliver value
  • align with the company’s business strategy
  • Build brand awareness
  • generate leads

How To Write Post That Turn Heads

Plan Before You Pen

The first and foremost step for writing a quality post is proper planning. Putting the thoughts to paper is not as complicated as actually channelizing the thoughts in the right direction.

The entire process of writing a blog post often takes less than a few hours, even if you type really lazy.

From the commencement of the process to finally hitting the ‘Upload’ button you might spend several days or maybe even a week writing an article, but it actually is crucial to spend some hours planning your post well and thinking about the entire concept before you actually sit to write it.

Try Presenting Something Actually New

post that turn heads

The web is full of content but a majority of it happens to be ‘trash content’. If you really want to write a post that actually turns heads it must cater to the needs of the readers.

It must be knowledgeable and something that is not already known. It must not be plagiarized and should be research-based. A factual post is bound to perform better than a post based on general insights of the writer.

A Topic That Interests You

The easiest way to ruin a blog post is to get it written by a writer with no enthusiasm to write it. And that actually holds some grave value!

Does not matter what your job profile is, what industry you’re working in, as a blogger, you should swear by this rule. If you love what you write, everyone will love it, for sure!

Writing under pressure won’t lead you anywhere. Choose a topic that actually interests you. It is not that great articles just happen on their own. Even professionals and experts need (and in fact create!)  some push to keep a track of the path.

Interact With Them

post that turn heads

The easiest way to attract people towards your content is to make it user interactive. You should avoid serving boring stereotypical content to your subscribers.

This means that if you post text-based articles on your blogs regularly, you need to give it a change with stuff like images, graphics, animations, polls, quotes, videos, etc. Keep adding some spice to your content dish every now and then.

Write Short, Clear And Unambiguous Sentences

Your sentences must be unambiguous. such sentences are easy to understand and conveys one idea at a time.

But, sometimes writers in order to sound smart, convey too much in a sentence. This makes stuff complex, time-consuming and difficult to interpret.

And, no prizes for guessing – nobody has that kind of time. This can lead to complex sentences that confuse readers.

Keep It Concise

post that turn heads

In order to write something that brings the idea home well, writers often tend to drag the post beyond the limit. This sends the vibes of redundancy towards the reader and makes the content repetitive.

Keep your post concise and precise. The more unnecessary words your trim from your writing, the better it gets. Readers generally find it easy to read a short post of optimum length.

Grammar Matters

It doesn’t matter how cool your content may sound in your head, transferring it flawlessly to paper requires you to follow some writing rules – grammatical rules.

A grammatically correct post automatically becomes easy to interpret. Grammar lays a solid foundation for effective communication. It acts as a wire configuring a sound connection between the write-up and the reader.  A grammatically incorrect article may develop ambiguous contexts and miscommunicate stuff.

Quote Some Quotes

post that turn heads

Quoting some thoughts by well-known personalities is a good way to uplift the content of the post. Using a blockquote statement in the introduction of the article can work wonders. This can be a more general quote that simply sets the tone for the rest of the article.

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An SEO Friendly Title

The importance of a title is often overlooked by bloggers. A higher rank in search engine results not only depends upon the originality of your content but also in the title of your blog posts.

Besides, the importance of the title goes beyond SEO. The title must be simple yet complex. It should speak for itself yet create a mystery about the post motivating the reader to explore the post. It must be the right amalgamation of keywords and the essence of the post without making it too mechanical or difficult to interpret.

Ask Questions

Asking a lot of questions throughout your article is one of the best ways to keep the audience engaged in the article. Nothing grabs their attention like questions! It gets them thinking and motivates them to read the article properly. Hence, asking questions in your article is a good practice every writer must follow.

Cut The Redundancy


Your blog post must account for its meaning. The sentences must not seem like lying in isolation from each other. Besides, using a limited vocabulary in consecutive sentences or covering similar ideas in two different sentences is redundant. This will often bore the reader and chances are that the reader exits the page before making it to the end. As far as possible, keep the post concise, idea-centric and free of redundancy. Do not elongate it unnecessarily.

Ask For Action

The internet is filled with philosophies and boring lectures on how to get stuff done! What differentiates your blog post and helps it turns heads is the fact that it has something motivating the readers to take action. Remember that you are writing for a reason.

Your aim must be to connect with your readers at a practical level and inspire them to actually move that ass. It is suggested that you end your post well, with something that inspires the readers and seems practically possible and implementable.

Extra Tip

post that turn heads

Lastly, the content that you are creating should actually hold some meaning. It must educate the readers about the scenario in general, quench their thirst for knowledge and must be informative.

As the reader leaves your page, they must leave with the satisfaction of having got some answers for their queries and questions.

Designs, images, and graphics, no doubt are more appealing and interesting as compared to something written to read but a considerable number of people even today prefer books to videos.

You should effectively be able to identify your target audience and reach out to them with your best foot forward. More importantly, customer-centric content is indispensable for any online or offline venture.


Content marketing is not a new term. Speaking directly to the customers, it can make or break many deals.

There is no denying the fact that the internet is filled with articles and blog posts. Given the number of blogs running today, there is a lot to read but a significant part of it is ‘trash content’.

Understanding the difference between trash and good content is indispensable for the writers. You must start with a proper analysis of your target audience and come up with something that actually turns those heads!

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